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President Obama: Thank You for Taking a Big Step to a DREAM a Reality


For too long, hundreds of thousands of young Americans that grew up in this country have lived in the shadows, hiding from an out-of-date immigration policy that denies them fundamental freedoms.

Voto Latino is encouraged by President Obama’s announcement of “deferred action,” which brings hard-working youth one big step closer to their DREAM -- a life in the country they love, and the freedom to pursue their dreams in the homes where they have grown up.

If this action is properly implemented, young people will be allowed stay in America, openly pursue jobs and higher education, and more fully contribute to their communities. This was an essential action, and we applaud it. 

We recognize that this is just one step towards the future we must create for young Americans. And in this important election year, this announcement is just a step towards bringing more Americans into our political processes.

Voto Latino and millions of American Latinos thank President Obama for this long overdue action, and we eagerly await the expansion of justice and freedoms that must follow this announcement.

Congress and other leaders have failed to enact common sense reforms to our out-of-date immigration policies.

And by leaving these policies to rust, our elected leaders have created a toxic political environment where far too many American Latinos feel intimidated, unwanted, and unwelcome.

Voto Latino is committed to doing everything we can in 2012 to create more perfect participation -- encouraging voter registration among eligible voters, pushing back against threats to voters’ freedoms, and applauding actions like the President’s decision that make the full powers of our democracy accessible to every American.

Sign Voto Latino’s message if you think this is a long-overdue step towards making the DREAM a reality, and stand with us as we await President Obama’s implementation of this announcement.

Letter to
President Obama
On behalf of the millions of Americans who have DREAMed for a fuller life in their country, I stand with Voto Latino in thanking you for announcing long-overdue reforms to our immigration process.

It is our sincere hope that the “deferred action” policy you’ve instructed the Department of Homeland Security to undertake will lead to larger changes in the way our country treats some of best and brightest young people -- the Americans that represent the future of our country.

We will continue to watch your work to help bring young Americans more fully into our democracy, and while we thank you for your action, we will hold all elected officials accountable and urge progress to correct wrongs wherever they persist.

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