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President Obama, tell the USDA and FDA to stop raiding small family farms!

Unbeknownst to many Americans, the small family farms who provide fresh, nourishing foods (including produce, dairy products, eggs, poultry and meats) to their communities are increasingly raided and browbeaten by the FDA, USDA, and numerous state and local agencies under the guise of "food safety."

Huge corporate food producers have sickened thousands of people with tainted foods, from ground turkey and beef to spinach and eggs, while receiving only fines and reprimands. But small farmers whose foods have made nobody sick have been, and are still being, theatened, raided, and even arrested.

Not only do these raids fail to make the food supply safer, they cost the American public millions of dollars while taking away jobs in farm communities. In addition, they take away the natural, constitutional rights of farmers as both Americans and small business owners.

These federal and state agiencies have trespassed on land, stolen food and have put small farm families out of gunpoint. This has to stop!

With more and more people interested in local, sustainable agriculture, small farms need our support – not SWAT teams. Sign the petition to let the President and Mrs. Obama know that you want more small farms, that you want them protected from intimidation and raids at the hands of overreaching government agencies.

Letter to
President and Mrs. Obama
President of the United States
I just signed the following petition addressed to: FDA, USDA, President and Mrs. Obama.

To President and Mrs. Barack Obama:

Please tell the FDA and USDA to back down and stop raiding small farms!

Whether at farmer's markets, farm stands, or direct sales to their customers, small family farms provide a real source of clean, healthy, fresh food to communities across the country. With more interest every day in supporting local agriculture, small farms deserve support at every level of government.

Not one arrest has been made at any of the huge corporate agricultural producers who have sold tainted foods that have sickened thousands. But numerous small farms who have provided clean, healthy food that has sickened no one have been threatened, intimidated, and even raided at gunpoint for providing the very products their communities want. This goes against the very fabric of our society.

We urge you to protect small family farms, not allow the FDA and USDA to threaten their very existence. Small farms need support, not SWAT teams! Tell federal, state, and local agencies to stop their heavy-handed tactics and start to protect and serve the farmers who are feeding our country.

Thank you.


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