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President Obama is close to making a decision that would change my sister’s life. And it’s up to you if he does it.   

My name is Jesus Magaña. I am a veteran of the United States Air Force. I love this country and have a deep and profound respect for it. My commitment to American ideals led me to serve in our military. During my deployment in Kuwait, things were hard, but the support from my mother, wife, and sister got me through it. The moment I arrived home from overseas, I was welcomed by the news of my sister’s detention. Overnight, my homecoming became my nightmare -- she was in the process of being deported. My whole life changed.  

Here’s the thing. Our story is one of 16.6 million in this country – 16.6 million people in mixed-status families who live in fear of being separated from their loved ones because of our broken immigration laws.  

The President can help us, and he’s so close. He can expand Deferred Action and allow undocumented families to obtain work authorization to stay together. This would add $6.1 billion in payroll taxes in just one year. My sister was detained right after she finished undergraduate school, and President Obama can help undocumented students and future innovators achieve their dreams by taking action to fix our visa system.  

Executive action means that no one will ever put on their military uniform, leave to fight for our country, and wonder if their family will be there when they get back.   

My sister spent two years in a detention center, and is now awaiting the results of her case. I separated from the military being honorably discharged and replaced fighting for our country with fighting for my family. My sister has lived a lifetime in fear. Executive action can change that, and more.

It’s really up to you. Will the President help families like mine?   

Our broken immigration system has been hurting our communities for far too long, and it’s time for all Americans – Democrats and Republicans, documented and undocumented, members of faith communities, tech entrepreneurs, and advocates across the country – to come together for action on immigration.  

Sign the petition now to tell President Obama that we need executive action on immigration that provides relief to our families, grows our economy, and builds our communities. Tell him that Jesus and his sister need him - and they can't wait. 

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