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Stop using my safety as an excuse and scale back the surveillance state

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With the recent leaks about millions of Verizon and internet provider records being shared with the NSA the evidence that our government threatens our basic freedoms and privacy is undeniable. You promised to scale back the instrusions of the last administration and instead you have done the opposite.

These excesses are justified as an effort to make me safe from deadly terrorist threats. I am willing to take this small risk for the sake of preserving something more fundamentally important--my rights as an individual in this country. There is far more risk to me from automobiles, guns and illness.

Stop using my safety as your rationale and start protecting instead the values that make American life what it is--the freedoms and individual privacy that give me the opportunity to live as I see fit.  

Terrorists live by no rules, but Americans do.  If I die in a terrorist attack that could only have been prevented by these gross invasions of privacy, I would consider that the price to be paid for living up to our ideals.

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