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President Obama: Stop the war on good law abiding citizens

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This petition is to ask that President Obama stop attacking the average working American who is trying to help this country. The list of possible infringements on US law by President Obama is nearly endless. But there are clear things where the President has outright threatened to break US law (or already has) with no way to hide it other than pointing the finger somewhere else as a distraction or as a scapegoat. Some instances include reducing healthcare for those who actually aid the country while raising healthcare for those who only take. Threats to use power to over ride the Constitution. I started this list thinking to write for an hour or so, but now I am just sick of all the things done or planning to be done. At the rate Obama and his workers are toiling to remove "enemies" from our government and legal system, it wont be long before we are back to taxation without representation. I know it is a stretch, but if he keeps going the way he is, that's where we will end up. And if President Obama refuses, he should be liable to the full force of the law and all possible crimes should be investigated by the supreme court. If Obama is not above ignoring the Constitution then maybe our Judges will honor that tried and true document.

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