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Stop Keystone XL Pipeline Plans

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In 1863, a Treaty was agreed upon by the three Red Nations near present day Niobrara, Nebraska to insure peace between the neighboring nations, With the coming of “the greedy ones”, called wasin icuna (stingily takes the best part of the meat from another instead of sharing in the indigenous way) by the Ihanktunwan, it was necessary to reinforce alliance due to the influx of alcohol and other dysfunctions of the corrupt American society and the lost ways being forced upon indigenous nations by the foreigners from Europe occupying and stealing lands as they invaded westward.
On January 25, 2013 at 4:05 p.m. CST, the three nations met to renew their alliance to protect 1851 Treaty lands from contamination and destruction of waters and lands, a show of unity and legal alliance to support one another.
Neighboring bands of the entire Dakota Nation were also present for the gathering, as well as indigenous nation representation from three Canadian Red Nations, to support the intent of the re-signing, that is to protect sacred 1851 Treaty lands from the latest action of genocide against the northern great plains nations - the proposed water aquifer-contaminating Keystone XL pipeline project.
The Keystone XL pipeline proposal endangers the last, largest clean water aquifer in the world, the Ogallala Aquifer that stretches from North Dakota to Kansas. The aquifer is non-replenishing and source of underground water that lays directly beneath 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie territories. The pipeline connects to the Enbridge pipeline that lies across Canada from the tar sands exploitation site.
Chief Arvol Looking Horse, caretaker of the sacred White Buffalo Calf Canunpa (misnomer “peace pipe”), reminds all that the nations of the northern great plains of Great Turtle Island are “Buffalo People” and that the remains of millions upon millions of the sacred animal lies across every square foot of 1851 Treaty Lands – making the entire Treaty Homelands a Very Sacred Site.
The u.s. government still honors the 1851 Treaty Territorial Boundaries. A map of the united states shows the large "open space" that remains untouched by a myriad of pipelines crisscrossing the 44 states not part of the 1851 Treaty and underground Oglalla Aquifer. The proposed pipeline route would slice right down the middle and heart of 1851 Treaty Lands and could open up a flood of new dangerous and genocidal projects. This would set a terrible precedent against the N/DN/Da/Lakota Nation in violation of the Treaty and of Article VI of the U.S. Constitution which states, "Treaties made with Indian Nations shall be the supreme law of the land."
The Keystone XL company has written into the plan their future unlimited use for the pipeline if something other than tar oil is transported, other toxins or the primary suspect - Missouri River and Oglala Aquifer waters. For years the State of South Dakota has tried to wrestle Treaty rights from indigenous Treaty nations to slurry coal and water to Texas, both for immense profits to the two state’s Governors and corporate tycoons. This maneuver would conveniently leave the drought-ridden state of South Dakota a modern-day dust bowl.
The two-foot diameter pipeline intending to carry Canadian tar-sands oil - a mixture of half a dozen deadly toxic chemicals like Benzene in sandy oil that easily corrodes the thin metal pipe. The u.s. government's so-called Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates 1 to 2% would be the minimum the pipeline would leak continually. This translates to over 460 thousand gallons per day that would be ‘legally’ allowed by the EPA and Obama administration to seep into the soil and underground waters.
As human beings concern with the protection of our lands and water, we demand that the u.s. government and president Obama immediately stop and discard Keystone XL pipeline plans over 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie Homelands and Territories.

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