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President Obama - Stand Firm in Your Commitment to Immigration Reform

On Thursday, the New York Times reported that the Obama Administration intends to “begin addressing” our nation’s broken immigration system this year.

Yet only a day later, the White House appears to be stepping back, promising only to look at immigration reform sometime during President Obama’s first term.

We know this is a thorny issue.  However, with migrant deaths on the rise, countless families divided, organized crime exploiting vulnerable undocumented migrants journeying north, and 12 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. living in the shadows, President Obama needs to be encouraged to stand firm and act NOW.

Call or email President Obama today! Tell the President to support comprehensive immigration reform, humane border policy, and a new approach to Mexico that recognizes our country’s “shared responsibility” for violence plaguing Mexico.

We must seize this moment when we truly have the power to shape policies that are just and humane for all. Thanks for all that you do to bring justice to Mexico and the Borderlands.

To call the White House comment line, dial 202-456-1111
(note: Don’t be surprised if this line is busy. If so, just try again in a few minutes! You’re bound to get through.)

To email the White House, click here.

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President of the United States
Hi, my name is ___ and I’m from ____. I'm writing to encourage President Obama to stand firm in his commitment to move immigration reform forward during his first year in office.  Mr. Obama can count on me and millions like me to support efforts to fix our broken immigration system, reunite long-divided families and bring millions of our undocumented neighbors out of the shadows.  In the long-term, I urge Mr. Obama to work collaboratively with sending countries, like Mexico, to promote development and create jobs so that migrants don’t have to uproot themselves, but can remain in their home communities and support their families.  Thank you.

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