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Sign an executive order to legalize marijuana at the Federal level.

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In 1974, a study sponsored by the government proved that Cannabis combats cancer. Since then, millions have died needlessly from cancer. Marijuana needs to be legalized so that proper studies can be conducted to confirm the medicinal value of Cannabis oil. People need to be able to cure themselves without the risk of federal penalty hanging over their heads.
Also, the hemp plant is far more beneficial in textiles and construction than wood. One acre of hemp produces as much pulp for paper and concrete as trees, while hemp breathes in four times the carbon dioxide (Co2) than trees. And hemp matures in 12 to 14 weeks while it takes trees 20 years to mature. The deforestation of this planet could be markedly slowed, if not halted, for the production of these materials.
Hemp can also be used as a food source and for textiles to make clothing as well as construction materials that are stronger and more versatile than concrete.
And think of the impact hemp use would have on the American economy. Growing hemp would provide America with jobs, having such a hugely usable crop to use and export.
Legalizing marijuana makes ultimate financial sense. Legalize and tax it. Just imagine the impact those revenues alone would have on the national debt.
There is no good reason not to legalize hemp. Everything about the plant makes it a smart choice, starting with the health and welfare of the people in America and around the world, who would then be able to battle cancer and other major illness.
Show the people of America and the rest of the world that you care if they live. Sign an executive order to legalize marijuana.
Save the country. Save the planet. Save the people.

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