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President Obama: Send the Tobacco Treaty to the Senate for Ratification


Over the past few years, lung cancer has become one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the world. This increase is overwhelmingly due to the aggressive proliferation of tobacco products across the globe.

Today, one in three people in the world will get cancer in their lifetime. By the year 2030, that number will grow to one in two. A tidal wave of diagnoses, both at home and in developing countries is about to crash and we are not doing everything we can to stop it.

On February 27, 2005, the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (the Tobacco Treaty) went into force. This treaty requires countries that have ratified it to implement scientifically proven measures to reduce tobacco use and the terrible toll it takes on a country's lives, health and economy.

168 countries have signed and ratified the Tobacco Treaty. The United States is one of 15 who have signed, but not ratified it.

President Obama must lead by takikng the next step and immediately sending the treaty to the Senate for ratification.

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We will not stand by and watch our friends and family become statistics in the growing cancer crisis. Tobacco control is one of the first and simplest steps we can take to reduce diagnoses and make cancer a national priority.

The United States has already signed the World Health Organization's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Take the next step and immediately send the treaty to the Senate for ratification.

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