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Appoint Alan Dershowitz US Attorney General

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Alan Dershowitz has been described as a "strong friend of Israel".
This description tends to obscure the fact that Alan Dershowitz is,
first and foremost, a strong friend of justice in the United States.
He - as few others in the legal profession do - understands the
mechanics of due process of law. He has no patience for the
overturning of due process, and we need someone with these
qualities of character as Attorney General of the United States
right now - with no further delay in such a Presidential appointment.
There are others who are qualified to step into this high
position. We don't need a team player or a politician as
Attorney General, and the country cannot afford one right
now. Instead of appointing someone as a political payoff
on the basis of cronyism, the President must give the
American people a break right now, and appoint someone
who can undo the damage wrought by decades of politically
connected US Attorneys General. Furthermore, this Dean
of Harvard Law School is also uniquely qualified to work for
peace in the Middle East - and it is time the President place
a competent individual of his caliber in as US Attorney General.
Alan Dershowitz can help America form a more perfect union
by restoring justice.

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