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Purchase 40 ac. at The Wounded Knee, SD threatened by A Greedy Speculator

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There were anywhere from 120 to over 300 unarmed Lakota Sioux making their way to Pine Ridge to purchase supplies to continue to preserve them through the winter. They proceeded from the Cheyenne River reservation towards Pine Ridge and were intercepted by US Army Calvary at Wounded Knee. The US Army Calvary detained them overnight and during that night, the US Army Calvary Soldiers proceeded to get drunk and loud. Early the next morning the Calvary disarmed all of the warriors of the band. While the weapons were being stored, one of them went off. The US Army Calvary opened fire on the now disarmed men, women and children with Hotchkiss machine guns. The defenseless people ran screaming in all directions as many of them continued to be mowed down by the relentless machine gun fire. The band of First Nation Sioux were devastated by such a massacre. Now, the United States of America wants to add insult to this horror by allowing a private individual to sell a 40 acre plot right in the heart of the Wounded Knee reservation and sacred site. This needs to change. The United States of America took the lands that rightfully belonged to all the First Nation Sioux and repeatedly violated the treaties it signed with the First Nation Sioux. This last humiliation and desecration of a site sacred to the First Nation Sioux must not stand. The United States of America must make a least a small step towards reunifying the reservation and declaring it a national monument.

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