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President Obama offered a potentially devastating proposal as part of his FY 2013 budget: reduce the charitable deduction from the present 35% to 28% for families with incomes of more than $250,000 & individuals making more than $200,000. Why is this proposal so potentially devastating? A tough economy is challenging charities already stretched to the limit by the increased demand for services.

Please help us demonstrate that the public supports the survival of charities! We need YOU to SIGN this petition TODAY and SHARE IT.

We must ask President Obama & Congress to consider a scenario where children of impoverished nations die of hunger because of this ill-conceived action; where telephones will go unanswered at suicide hotlines; where more mothers, daughters & sisters will die from breast cancer; where animals will continue to be brutally treated to satisfy the greed of those who have no conscience; where our brothers, sisters & innocent children will continue to have their lives cut short by HIV/AIDS. We must ask President Obama & Congress, WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS?


Background Information: Established by Congress in 1917, the charitable tax deduction offers a tax incentive to Americans to assist charities in supporting their vital missions. It is the only tax incentive that does not directly benefit the taxpayer. Higher-income earners provide the biggest proportion of charitable donations – at times exceeding 80% for some charities. Implementing a 28% deduction cap will create a deficit for the nonprofit community of $5.6 billion per year. 

Letter to
President Obama
Members of Congress
The charitable tax deduction is a critically important giving incentive for all Americans. It was established in 1917 by Congress to offer a tax incentive to Americans who give to nonprofit organizations. Most individuals and families support organizations through this giving incentive and through these donations, charities are able support their vital missions.

If passed, the President’s proposal would mean charities will receive less money from those families with the greatest ability to give.

Now is not the time to hurt charities when a tough economy is creating great pain for those who would benefit from them!

The American public supports the survival of charities and you can do this by helping us to make sure that the present charitable tax deduction is preserved.


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