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Save our planet--Tax the fossil fuel industry for its carbon dioxide waste

Rolling Stone reports in its August 2012 issue article that the fossil fuel industry is the only industry that gets to "dump its main waste....for free". No wonder they don't care how much carbon dioxide they spew into our environment and the devastating effects they are creating in our climate.

In the Rolling Stone's article "Global Warming's Terrifying New Math" they report that our planet has "five times as much fossil fuel on books as scientists think is safe to burn. Before we knew that, our fate was likely. Now it seems certain."

Environmental groups have tried numerous tactics but have been unsuccessful in their efforts to lower carbon emissions enough to avoid continued global warming. Rolling Stone reports that "new data suggests that we're on a course for a temperature increase of almost 11 degrees Fahrenheit. That would create a planet straight out of science fiction."

Rolling Stone reports that other businesses have to pay someone to dispose of their trash, yet the fossil fuel industry is allowed to dump its waste for free. We now "understand that carbon is heating the planet and acidifying the oceans, its price becomes the central issue," the article reads.

I think taxing for carbon waste is the only thing that will make the fossil fuel industry more conscientious. Such a tax would hopefully change how fossil fuel companies do business and would cause the price of fossil fuel products to increase which would force a change in consumer habits.

Join me in asking President Obama to make the fossil fuel industry be fiscally responsible for its harmful waste, like any other business.

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