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President Obama: Rescind the order giving Congress a raise.

They haven't earned a raise. In my opinion they should all be fired for not doing their jobs and walking out days before the end of the year. Raises are rewards for a job well done. Half of these people don't even show up, and when they do show up they accomplish nothing. This congress has done less than any other previous congress and should be taking a cut in wages to show good faith in trying to restore this country's economy. These are the people who want to cut social security and reduce medicare and medicaid. If ever anyone did not deserve a raise, it is this group of individuals who, in my opinion, abandonded their positions when they simply got up and left.  This does not applly to the federal employees, just the congressmen and women who have refused to do their jobs..

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Rescind the order giving Congress a raise.The following signatures are from those of us from both parties who believe members of the current Congress do not deserve a raise due to the poor performance of their duties.