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President Obama: Please boldly lead the way to revision and clarification of the 2nd Amendment.

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The petition letter below will go to President Obama in order to ask him to lead the way to revision and clarification of The 2nd Amendment.

This is important because the 2nd Amendment is not clear enough to assure that Federal gun restriction laws will stay in place.  The fluctuation of Federal gun restriction laws over the past twenty years has proven this instability, and the debates about these laws have all revolved around the vague and outdated language of the 2nd Amendment.

Individual citizens also cite the 2nd Amendment as granting them the right to own and operate massively deadly weapons.

Federal gun reform laws are a necessary first step, and with Obama and Biden's leadership, these laws should pass in 2013.  

However, the goal of this petition is to gain at least 25,000 signatures by 2014, so that we can then urge the President and his team to go to the next level and make history by clarifying once and for all what the 2nd Amendment does and does not guarantee. Such revision must cement in place major restrictions on the distribution and owndership of guns.

Obama is the one to lead this movement because:

- he is a second-term president, and doesn't not need to worry about re-election
- he has a deep knowledge of Constitutional law
- the office of President carries the highest political visibility and weight
- Joe Biden is a long-standing gun reform expert
- sadly, recent tragedies have re-energized the need for these changes

Now is the time, and Obama is the one to lead the way.

Please contribute your signature to the letter below and help urge President Obama to revise and clarify the 2nd Amendment so that the mass distribution of deadly firearms is no longer up for debate.

Thank you.

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