Honor the USS Pueblo crew and other heroes

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12:11 AM Eastern US time, April 14, 2013
The USS Pueblo, an unarmed intelligence-gathering ship, was corralled
into North Korean waters 35 years ago - and the crew was tortured for
a year and released; but the ship was kept.
It is time for the President to welcome the surviving crew members
and the family survivors of the Pueblo to the White House to publicly
award them medals of some sort, especially created for them or
authorized by Act of Congress, and to invite the Joint Chiefs of Staff
and Congressional leaders from around the United States, including
from American Samoa, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas
to the ceremony to show support for the President of the United States.
Moreover, it is time for the North Korean government to return the
USS Pueblo to the United States voluntarily, in due course, as a
sign of goodwill.
The fact is, the activities of the North Korean government during the
past several years have absolutely vindicated the intelligence-gathering
activities of the United States with regard to North Korea.
There is no need for any further hostilities between North Korea and
South Korea, or the United States or Japan or any other nations.
The North Korean government should return all kidnapped Japanese
civilians and civilians of other nations too, who may have been
kidnapped at the behest of or by the North Korean government.
It is also time for the North Korean government to renounce all
further acts of piracy, and to pay an indemnity to the families and
survivors and injured with respect to the South Koreans and others
who were killed, wounded and bereaved as a result of North Korean
attacks on a South Korean island and a South Korean fishing boat.
Furthermore, it is time that North Korea reopen the factory in Kaesong,
because there are many poor families in North Korea who depend upon
that factory for their livelihood.
Finally, in order to honor the crew of the USS Pueblo and the heroic crew of
the South Korean ship and the others who have been killed and kidnapped,
President Obama should call upon the leaders of South Korea,
China, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and the Philippines to unite behind a
proclamation of the South Korean government which lists the many
violations of international law and international agreements which
can be cited against the North Korean government; and call upon the
new leader of North Korea to resign. Furthermore, the same
proclamation should call upon the North Korean government to
formally co-operate with South Korea, China, the United States
and His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon in drawing up an agreement to
formally end the state of war between North and South Korea
and all other parties to the cease-fire of July 27, 1953.
The proclamation should also call on the government of
North Korea to unilaterally release all political prisoners
and to allow international inspections of North Korean prisons
led by a South Korean team, without delay - and if North Korea
insists on a quid pro quo, then the President of the United States
should also be called upon by the same proclamation to grant
the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve as requested as of mid-December
of 2012, and to grant further pardons and reprieves as requested
both by the same committee which drafted the 52-part Cluster
Pardon and Reprieve, by ProPublica, and by the
US Office of the Pardon Attorney and Members of Congress.
Finally, the proclamation should also call upon the United Nations
to organize a process for free elections in North Korea, to be held
within six months of the date of the proclamation; and to call upon
the military leaders of North Korea to co-operate in that process
of electing civilian leaders. The current President of North Korea
will not be eligible to run in such an election because he is not
yet ready to lead a large and powerful nation. The only people who
should be permitted to run for the office of President are the
political prisoners who have been freed from North Korean prisons
by the provisions of the proclamation to be drawn up by the
Government of South Korea, in unison with North Korean
officials and the people of North Korea, in order to form
a more perfect process for unification.
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