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Craig R. Snyder is a good man who helps those who need a hand.
His carpentry skills include floor repair and window replacement.
He does car repairs with a wrench of steel and a heart of gold.
In Tom Corbett's Pennsylvania, where no good deed goes unpunished,
Craig Snyder has been imprisoned in Monroe County, Pennsylvania
for over one year; since January 9, 2012, under circumstances that
would not stand up to any outside impartial investigation.
Like other men of God - including Joseph the dreamer, Jeremiah
the pundit, and Socrates the philosopher, Craig Snyder has used
the stone walls and metal gates of prison... as his divinity school.
In a moral crunch, people of good will cannot remain on the sidelines.

Letter to
President Obama, PA Lt Gov Jim Cawley, PA Atty General Kathleen Kane,
Free Craig Snyder

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