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Outlaw puppy mills- it's a serious problem, and it needs to stop, and soon.

Thousands of puppy mills operate around the US. Even more pet shops live off of neglected dogs.
My friend has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rosie. Rosie was from a puppy mill, but a rescue dog. She had been forced to have puppies four times.
Imagine you're a young dog. You know nothing of the free life dogs normally have. This is replaced with a crueler image of a tiny, dank, smelly cage. Your only hope is that it ends soon. Your only contact with humans isn't positive.
This is the life of a dog in the puppy mills. Help save dogs who might never get the loving home that they deserve.

Letter to
President Obama
Thousands, perhaps millions, of dogs, live a life of cruelty. The only life they know is the complete opposite of loving, and their world consists of a too-tiny cage and years of illness and suffering.
Please stop people from mass producing puppies. Please outlaw it- these dogs deserve loving homes.

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