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President Obama: Make controlling climate change a priority for the government

Climate change is being ignored and even denied. Looking the other way is not going to stop it from happening! We must act to ensure the future of our planet.

Climate change is responsible for events such as Hurricane Sandy, the drought in the Midwest this summer, and the current huge snowstorms sweeping across the US. Is this the future we want?

The government must acknowledge climate change and introduce more environmentally friendly policies to halt its progress.

As well as signing this petition, please go here to contact the White House and ask that something be done about climate change.

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President of the United States
Make controlling climate change a priority for the government. Climate change will affect not only the USA but the entire world as well! We are a large and powerful country and must do our part to halt its progress.

Many government officials deny the existence of climate change. If it does not exist, then how are events such as Hurricane Sandy and this summer's drought explained? These damaging occasions are abnormal for our country to experience, and too many of them have occurred recently to be put down to mere coincidence.

Climate change is a deeply important issue to resolve. Do we want our planet to be irreparably damaged? I urge you to take action to stop climate change and protect our environment.

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