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How Comerica Bank & Bradley Company scammed a client and destroyed his family.

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Whether it's malicious or due to lack of care, banks and other big companies are taking advantage of hard working citizens everyday by way of corruption, greed, and exerting their power and influence. A lot of these citizens grievances become cold case files or the victims are usually flushed out financially. This is the case of Steven Benner, a Grand Rapids, Michigan developer.

Stemming from a 2008 loan in which Comerica Bank reneged on the terms in which they agreed on, which unfortunately lead to Benner filing for Chapter 11 in 2011. Bradley Company out of South Bend, IN with 8 offices in Michigan and Indiana was in cahoots with Comerica Bank later in 2014. There is tons of evidence and proof to support Benner's claims. Benner's 3 lawyers and accountant were paid off by Comerica Bank to the sum of 1 million dollars, Comerica required Benner to use Bradley Company, who turned out to be part of the collusion to strip Benner's equity from him, and Benner's evidence was suppressed or ignored by the courts.

Bradley did Broker Opinion of Values for Comerica and Benner signed over 20 MLS agreements with Bradley but Bradley never ran any listings, eliminating any chance for Benner to have the property sold to relieve his debt. Bradley told Benner, Great Lakes Capital LLC(Bradley's sister company) also out of South Bend, IN, that they could do the loan to pay off Comerica. Instead, Bradley took Benner's confidential information and shared it with Great Lakes Capital to do the deal with one of their other affiliate/sister companies with Comerica instead of for Benner, around Benner's back. If the listings were ran and sold, Benner would've been debt free and had no need for Great Lakes Capital. Benner's debt was 22.9 million. One of Bradley's realtor, told a private investigator, whose job is to clean bomb threats for our top leader, President Obama, that they paid 25.9 million for the property, which he signed an affidavit to that effect. So Benner's debt should've been cleared with 3 million left over.

Bradley Real Estate and Great Lakes told the circuit court Judge that they paid only 18.75 million. With no proof of that, the Judge took their word for it. On the other hand, The Judge only allowed the affidavit from the private investigator to be brought in as evidence but the Judge ignored it. All Benner's emails, letters, and other proof was not allowed to be brought in, as no evidentiary hearing was done by the Judge. Comerica|Bradley|Great Lakes, had Benner's 18 year old daughter jailed for trying to retrieve her dad's personal property. 

The saddest part of this disaster is, Benner's father, who is 84 years of age, served many years in the Navy, along with active war time, is currently ill but Benner doesn't have the means to help him. Benner has been financially washed out and Bradley is still coming after Benner. We the people must fight against corporate greed and bullying. Stop them from coming after Benner and all other Benner's in the world. There is endless amounts of evidence that would exonerate Benner. Benner went to over 30 agencies for help, including the Attorney General, US Attorney, State Licensing and more but none would help. So, we're asking the President to please help and take action on the real criminals, not the hard working small business owners. 

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