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Legalize Human Cloning in the U.S.

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Lets put aside the political issues and deal with ethics in it's simpilicist form. There are millions of deaths in this country each year caused by violence or heath issues. The people of this country are plauged by grief over the lost of love ones. We are sitting on the knowledge god has blessed humanity with to defeat death - and you refuse to use it - is that moral ? Do you think the family of Trayvon Martin would consider the petty man made religious beliefs of this country if they could have their son alive again? Would anyone who has lost a love one argue against having their father , mother , son or daughter back if there was anyway possible ? To be truthful we are all clones , cloned from gods DNA if you want to get trully religious. Cloning can save the sick and bring people back from the dead , but you silly religious people think it comes from hocas-pocas and useless pray. But it does'nt it comes from science and medicine and anyone who disputes that should stop going to doctors. This country lets these so-called religious leaders use " scare tactics " that hinder us from advancing in the area on science. But if you are a true believer in god you would know that god is the greatiest scientist and he would be proud that his children are following in his footsteps. This is the purpose of the children of god , to be like god and to create life and take away the sting of death just as jesus proved that we could.  

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