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Testify under oath, about the Benghazi attack and why 4 Americans died

As a US citizen and the mother of an Air Force veteran, I find it outrageous that this Administration has treated the Benghazi attack with such little regard, concern or respect for the American men representing the US. To this day, the present Administration continues to deceive and cover up the details of this horrific event, yet we continue to learn new facts [almost daily] stemming from this attack. I am demanding that those people responsible be held accountable for their actions and President Obama be held responsible for criminal acts and dereliction of duty. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, I'm an extremely concerned citizen and I believe this requires and needs a thorough investigation and that the American public be informed of the result. Please take a minute to sign this petition if you care about those who have served us and ultimately lost their life due to negligence on the part of the current Administration.

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  • President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta

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