President Obama, Governor Christie: Free MARÍA JOSÉ CARRASCOSA

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President Obama, Governor Christie, Free MARÍA JOSÉ CARRASCOSA

A prior petition was shut down at 57 signatures. It was prepared a few years ago. Here is what it said:
Maria Jose Carrascosa is a Spanish citizen held in Bergen County Jail, USA, since 2006 with no trial so far. She is facing charges of up to 40 years imprisonment. Her only "crime" was protecting her now 8-year old daughter, who she was granted custody of in a fair trial in Spain where both parties participated and were represented. Please read her story and ask yourself: Is this justice?
Here are some comments from those who know,
these comments were on another change dot org petition
which is in Spanish, and was formulated in April of 2013:
To His Holiness Pope Francisco I: May you please grant me an audience at the Vatican

Request created by
Victoria Carrascosa-Penalver
Valencia, Spain

My sister, Maria Jose Carrascosa, has been imprisoned for almost 7 years out of a 14 year sentence which was imposed on her in Bergen County, New Jersey, USA.

By virtue of the Strasbourg Convention and Human Rights, there are questions about the propriety of this venue for the proceedings in the first place.

The next date on which Maria is eligible for review for possible parole, according to the administration of  the prison, is on April 9, 2014.

It is an outrage that this cruel and unusual punishment happened in the
United States of America, (where it is an Eighth Amendment violation) and when the issues harshly revisited in these American proceedings already had been settled in Spain.

To His Holiness Pope Francisco I
His Holiness,

Most Holy Father, by these presents we request your intervention with a very serious problem that we have been beset with for 7 long years; we are at the point of exasperation. 

This injustice has wiped out the entire Carrascosa family.
We, the good citizens of Valencia (Spain), hereby humbly petition Pope Francis to please grant me an audience at his convenience.

My only sister, Maria Jose Carrascosa-Penalver, is incarcerated in a federal prison in New Jersey, convicted of a contempt charge, for "failing" to transport her daughter to the United States; ergo for "interference with the custody" of HER OWN CHILD, after the father of Maria's child LOST CUSTODY in a court of law in Spain, in proceedings which he himself initiated! My niece - Maria's daughter - still lives in Valencia with us, and she is now of the age of intelligence and reason, at 13 years old. The government of Spain considered the case as having been settled to finality. This conflict of jurisdiction between Spain and the United States should most properly be resolved in the International Court of Justice at the Hague, or by some other arbitrative method, rather than by this method of torture and wrongful incarceration.

The Strasbourg Convention makes it imperative that the venue of this case be changed, as has happened in other cases relevant to the laws of Spain. Without going into too much detail, there is the parallel case of Oscar Carromero: a Spanish citizen, who has been extradited from Cuba to face trial in Spain for two matters of manslaughter having to do with a traffic violation. Obviously, we are glad for him and his family that his case has been transferred to Spain. On the other hand, we regret the very disproportionate treatment arrogantly meted out in a court in the United States toward my sister and by extension toward our whole family. We believe that international agreements must be respected regarding human rights. My beautiful sister is the victim of maltreatment in a US prison where she is suffering physical degradation and psychological distress in extremis. The people of Spain are well aware of this case and consider it an American absurdity. We expect better of the United States of America in the area of human rights.
Holy Father, we pray to God that you and others receive our petitions, and make it possible for me to personally explain this situation of distress which cries out to Heaven, because there are a few points that cannot be adequately explained in writing as to why my sister refuses to plead guilty to a crime - and that is the entire reason she was sentenced to FOURTEEN YEARS in prison. We seek the salvation that perhaps only God can provide, and we humbly beseech your assistance in our humble attempts to persevere until justice finally shall prevail with His help.

Thank you very much
V. Carrascosa

Victoria Carrascosa-Penalver VALENCIA, SPAIN about 1 month ago:
She has endured almost half of the sentence, she has no more strength, I do not know what else to do!! As God is my Witness, she didn't kill anyone! Why this harsh sentence?

Because the truth is, power is on their side and not justice. Had government in the USA respected their own Constitution and laws as well as precedent in this case, judgment would have been in favor of Maria Jose Carrascosa. She is from Valencia, of good family, a Christian, and a reputable attorney has defended her rights as a parent and good person. NO government office or court, either in Spain or the USA would have ruled in favor of a criminal. In the case of Maria Jose Carrascosa, the Government of Spain ruled in her favor, because there she committed NO CRIME, I REPEAT, SHE HAS ONLY DEFENDED HER CIVIL RIGHTS AS A MOTHER AND PERSON. The records of court proceedings in Spain are available for your inspection and review.

Gema Ana Ramos VALDEPENAS, SPAIN about 1 month ago.
For Maria José, our daughter, from her family: ALL the facts have to be brought out into the open, not swept under the rug. It is too late to prevent the pain which Maria has suffered, but not too late to defend her rights.

SPAIN monteagudo miracles maria mora about 1 month ago.
Maria does not deserve to be in jail. Her only "crime" was to try to be a normal mother to her daughter. Maria has suffered many blatant injustices in the prison system. Government in America seems uncaring and corrupt.

What happened to this good mother is completely a result of her attempt to be a good mother to her daughter. This is a flagrant injustice.

marta bosch ESPAñA about 1 month ago
A mother struggles to provide the best care she can for her child. This false imprisonment should not pass for justice. There is no way she should be behind the bars of a prison, much less in exile from her country. There are plenty of people who deserve to be in jail - and who are walking the streets in America, and government in America is doing nothing to lock them up.

Angeles Martinez Gomez ESPAñA about 1 month ago
This is a case of an innocent mother who is fighting for her children. It is unfair; the SHAME OF AMERICA, that criminals, including thieves and murderers in America are out on the streets, and a good woman is locked up like this.

It would ease my mind to see that a mother and daughter could finally be together again, and that justice would be done at last.

It is not right that this lady should pass one more day in prison.

Maribel Sanchez Alfaro ALBAL, SPAIN about 1 month ago
Too bad for that little girl that such injustice is robbing her of the opportunity to have any relationship with her mother!

SPAIN maria garcia isabel soto about 1 month ago
For justice.

SPAIN AMAYA ana about 1 month ago
The injustice that is being committed against this mother is an outrage which cries to Heaven.

SPAIN MARIA EVA YAGO Medel about 1 month ago
It is an injustice.

SPAIN PLAY noelia about 1 month ago
is an injustice what they're doing with this, while in the meantime criminals are walking around loose in the USA.

Isabel Sance ATLANTA, GA about 1 month ago
Because it is an injustice what they are doing to this lady and her little girl.


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