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Executive Order for Prisoners Right to Petition open door petition site has its door slammed closed to 2,500,000 prisoners


 This petition seeks an Executive Order from President Obama to grant, enforce, and protect the right of 2,500,000 prisoners to practice their Constitutional Right to Petition Redress of Grievances.; and to facilitate their right to sign this, other petitions; and, to submit petitions.


In the United States the right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the federal constitution, which specifically prohibits Congress from abridging "the right of the petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


In All Fairness, the open and free ‘’ petition site; and, all legitimate internet petition sites are discriminatory and prejudicial by denying 2,500,000 caged and chained Citizens the right to sign this, and/or other petitions on their own behalf.


The problem is that the ‘’ (and all other) open door petition sites has the door slammed close to Prisoners. 


Citizens have the right to PETITION Redress of Grievances, EXCEPT FOR PRISONER CITIZEN SLAVES.   Citizens have the right to petition, while Slaves do not.


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