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President Obama: Enact Universal, Comprehensive and Free Mental Health Care

A crisis is happening in our country. Mental health conditions are going undetected and untreated, and the populations most vulnerable to these conditions are the ones least likely to be able to pay for it or seek it out. We need laws enacted to screen children for mental health conditions on a regular basis throughout their education, and appropriate treatment freely given to affected individuals for as long as they need it. The cost to our citizens can never exceed to cost of doing nothing, which is horrific suffering by those with mental health conditions and those who are victims of a few untreated individuals.

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The President of the United States
Our country has a crisis. Those most in need of mental health care are least able to afford it. Intervention comes too late and when a crisis is happening. We need to identify those in need and provide appropriate care to prevent loss of life and terrible suffering for our country and for the individuals affected by mental illness.

The costs to provide such identification, intervention and care to all in need of mental health care regardless of ability to pay may be daunting, but the cost born by our society for inaction has already been incalculable.

Let us honor the memory of all of those harmed by the violence, isolation and stigmatism associated with untreated mental illnesses by recognizing the need to treat all forms of mental illness with appropriate care at all stages.

We need to screen our children for mental illness at appropriate intervals while in school, and adults as requested voluntarily. In addition, we need to mandate individual evaluations for conditions that are likely to lead to violence and are not mitigated by appropriate and consistant treatment before allowing individuals to possess a gun. Such screening should protect the confidentiality of individuals while protecting our society and providing the individual a chance to receive treatment.

Mental illness not likely to lead to violence must also be recognized and treated. The suffering of mentally ill individuals is not only harmful to the individual and societal pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, but also to the productivity of our economy and the advancement of our civilization.

Please act now. This crisis affects all of us. Every family either has or knows another family that has an Adam Lanza. Let's help those individuals and families before their suffering erupts into more national suffering.

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