Enact New Policies To Keep Pets Safe From Corrupt Animal Control, Shelters, & Rescues.

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Innocent animals are being illegally & wrongfully ripped away from responsible, loving families, simply for what comes down to financial gain by corrupt animal control, animal shelters, & so called rescues. This is wrong and must be stopped! It’s also making people doubt the shelters who are not corrupt. Imagine having your own family pets illegally taken away from your family, leaving your children and family heartbroken, and for what reason? Not a good or legitimate one! While there are many people harming animals, those who took positions to serve & protect these animals are in fact becoming animal abusers themselves. It's a proven fact that violent people, abusers, murders, ect first start out harming animals and work their way up to humans. Abusers get into positions of authority, such as animal control, shelters, rescues director positions, and other positions of authority. Positions that a lot are not even qualified to be placed in. It's time new policies & laws are put into place to prevent corruption in these types of facilities, and that these corrupt directors are removed from their positions and charged with theft, and animal abuse.


I am one who this has happened to, but I am not alone, there are many. Corrupt practices within, and by our local animal control, which doubles as our city ran animal shelter, has been going on from 2012 when our current director was put in his position by our city mayor. A mayor who is a very close friend of our director, a director who isn't qualified for his position yet holds it anyways because of the small town family/buddie system that is our city politics (the good ol boy system others call them). This is also happening all over the United States.

My pets were unjustly and illegally taken from my family based on lies to cover himself. 5 days later two of our pups were returned to us, however he had already sent the rest away to who knows where. Not only were they illegally taken, but instead of giving me my 10 days to fight for the rest and appeal I

was only given 5, along with sending the rest on off right away. I have proved his so called allegations all as false. I can give you more information in person and here is a link that includes others in my area this has happened to. Here is a link to my petitionhttp://www.change.org/petitions/u-s-department-of-justice-return-my-illegally-taken-pets and the link to more info http://www.ntlpetrescuenw.com/our-missing-pets/


Here is a link to an opinion article written by our past township trustee & deputy mayor to our last mayor about the first illegal seizure made public http://www.thestarpress.com/article/20121209/OPINION03/312090021/?gcheck=1&nclick_check=1


If you investigate the cases in my area you will see that our director likes to target women and black men. Women he intimidates, bullies, and threatens into silence and submission. I'm a young single mother so perfect example except I am one who isn't afraid to stand up to him even with being threatened. Our pets are not just pets, they are family, furry children to me. I ask you to not only put these suggestions into new policies but to also investigate our current director and charge him for his illegal seizures as well as intimidating and threatening his victims. What he and others like him are doing is illegal, and they must be held accountable.


Below are policies I believe will help stop the illegal practices by corrupt animal control, shelters, and rescues in the United States.



·        Animal Shelters should not be allowed to double as Animal Control!

·        Directors should be required to hold a current vet degree/license, and Managers a business degree for both type facilities!

·        Directors of both type facilities should be chosen by the state based on qualifications, and not be anyone they know or friend of someone’s!

·        Facilities should undergo surprise, random inspections often, and done by the state board of health, not local!

·        Camera’s should be in every facility, and monitored by an outside party to report abuse.

·        Audio/Video should also be worn by all animal control officers at all times!

·        Any city official who has covered for, or allowed such illegal seizure tactics to happen & continue, should be forced to resign immediately from their position.

·        Employees, Directors, ect who commit said acts should be immediately fired and brought up on charges by the state for theft, and unethical practices. As well as those who do not report their bosses to the state.

·        All current Director, and Manager positions held by un-qualified individuals should be immediately replaced by a state appointed veterinarian, and someone with a Masters in business administration.

·        The entire part of an animal control/shelter needs to be open for public view. If a visitor wants to go back into a certain area they should not be stopped. People are spending money to buy "adopt" animals so they should be allowed to view the entire place.

·        Animal Control should have to go before a state judge, not local, to get a warrant to take an animal.

·        Everything should be done on a state level, no more local, this will cut out illegal seizures and the buddy/family systems of small towns.

·        All financial information should be viewable to the public at all times including the salaries of every employee.


·        When someone goes to their local shelter looking for their missing pet they should be allowed to look through the entire facility, and on as many days as they wish. This will make it harder for shelters to lie about having pets just so they can sell them.

·        Shelter employees should not be permitted to take animals out of the shelter to house at their personal homes, nor take a loose animal to their home that they picked up while on duty. Some are doing this which makes it easier to steal then sell peoples pets, & makes it harder for people to find their missing pet at the shelter.

·        There needs to be a national & state level database online and searchable by the public of all animals in shelters and rescues, so that if one has a persons stolen, or illegally taken pet, that owner can find it. And any shelter/rescue that does not abide and provide the state, gov with every animals info should be charged, prosecuted, and fired.

·        All shelters/rescues should be randomly audited every year and how they came in possession with all animals should be checked out and confirmed with past owners.

·        Animal Shelters, Animal Control, or Rescues should not be allowed to associate with, or accept funds from anyone, or business entity that sells real animal fur. Those who do should be investigated.

·        Require home visits and background checks on those wanting to adopt so that animals are not just sold to anyone.

·        Following up on all animals sold through Animal Shelters & Rescues to see their new physical location should help combat pets being sold to black market types.

·        Any & all meetings between animal owners & animal control should no longer be kept secret behind closed doors. If the owner wishes for live media to be present it should be allowed. This will cut down on illegal activities such as threatening owners where no one can hear or see.

·        Require vets to scan animals during each visit, not just during the first initial visit incase the pet wasn't reported as stolen or missing when seen for the first time & confirm ownership.

·        Require all shelters, animal control, & rescues to scan pets for a microchip regardless of how they came into possession of the animal, & to update it that it had been found & where to pick the pet up.

·        Prohibit animal shelters, rescues, ect from adding their information onto pets microchips of animals they microchip & then sell.

·        Re-registration of micro chipped pets on microchip databases should be made illegal if, when scanned, the pet shows as being registered lost or stolen.

·        Before any pets information can be changed on microchips, require the chip company to first contact the last owner to verify their pet isn’t missing and wasn’t stolen.

·        When an owner goes to reclaim a pet & finds out it was "accidently put down" or just "put down" require the facility to give the body to the owner to make arrangements. This will prevent facilities from claiming to put animals down, but lie so they can still sell them to rendering plants.

·        Make it illegal for facilities to put animals down, especially when someone has informed them they will be there to adopt.

·        Require all kennel license to go through on a state level not local.

·        Make it against policy for any relative, or family friend of anyone who holds as position in city government, positions such as; Mayor, City or County Clerk, City or County Council, ect.

·        Make it against policy for council members or board members to be related to, by birth or marriage, any director or employee of all city/county animal control, rescues, or shelters, to have any vote, input, or say when it comes to any animal related issues, policies, or codes for that city or county.

·        Make it against policy for an animal shelter/control to use a veterinarian that is also on its members board. Or one who promotes shelter dogs to those looking for agility dogs, or show dogs.

·        Investigate any shelter, rescue, or animal control who is involved with or takes "donations" from anyone who sells fur coats.

·        Charge animal shelter directors for neglect, abuse, and cruelty for not getting animals medical attention to correct issues before selling them, as well as for not feeding them.

·        All Shelter, Rescue, & Animal Control employees should go through mandatory education to learn about wolf hybrids & how to tell the difference between hybrids & regular dogs.

·        It should become at least a class C felony for a shelter or rescue to sell a wolf hybrid to someone without informing the new owner that it is a hybrid & to then educate or offer free classes on hybrids, their behavior, & how to raise them.

·        Make it a criminal offense, Class C Felony, if an animal shelter, rescue, or regular person does not immediately return an owners pet they have in their possession once informed it is their pet, or if they are informed its a missing pet by another.

·        Animal Facilities should be required to stay back and allow the recording of the facilities & animals when someone has a concern. Those facilities who try to prevent this should be shut down asap to be investigated as to why it was forbidden & to address the concern of the person trying to record.

·        Any case brought by animal control should be handled by the states attorney generals office and not by local courts to the case. There has been a judge banned from being a judge for mishandling cases, violating peoples rights to have an attorney & doing other things they had no legal authority to do, including animal control cases. Cases that were brought by a corrupt ac director.

·        Close down, fine, and prosecute shelters or rescues who refuse to return missing or stolen pets to responsible owners.

·        Close down, fine, and prosecute shelters, or rescues who try to extort large amounts of money from owners of missing or stolen pets they are in possession of.

·        Immediately fire any shelter or animal control employee that commits assault on an animal, or human even if they are not charged when there were witnesses.

·        Immediately fire any shelter employee who participates or helps promote events that are cruel to animals; such as Bull Fighting, Rodeos, Pig Wrestling, Dog Fighting, ect.

Besides the above, news stations who cover illegal seizures covering them as though these directors are doing “good”, and leaving out the information such as warrants were not used in any, no court order, proceedings, nothing of the sort, should be made to retract their stories and broadcast the full story. Especially when one of their employees is related to said director.

Our pets are family, they are not things to be used for financial gain to fill corrupt officials pockets, or to fund pay to use city dog parks or other city projects. They are living, breathing, & feel the same emotions as humans. These illegal practices must be stopped and those doing it must be held accountable for their illegal actions. I hope as you are deciding on this you will imagine your pets being illegally and wrongfully ripped from your family, your kids, and for a minute think of how you would feel if you were that family, and that pet.

This practice is the same as "Animal Flipping" & "Animal Trafficking" just being carried out by those who are supposed to protect them. Our fur babies are being stolen and trafficked like humans are, all for financial gain by heartless people, and both need to stop. 

Here are two articles showing research that shows animals feel, bond, & connect like humans do. Human emotions in animals are like the same emotions we feel. With this, when pets are stolen from owners they go through the same traumatic experience humans would in the same situation and is why animals need re-classified as living dependents and not considered as property.



We the signed ask that you enact the policies and laws above to help stop the harm corrupt animal agencies are causing to both animals and their owners. Animals are not just pets, but family!