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President Obama: Do NOT appoint NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to the top position (Director) of Homeland Security

Time is ticking & the current chair open -- 

Soon, America will usher in a new Director of Homeland Security. This Country needs someone we can trust to handle delicate and/or potentially dangerous situations, but we're frightened that our President may appoint a notorious & evasive bully... a veteran official who (already) violates the civil liberties of Americans. His tendencies for secrecy & elusive travel have prompted much suspicion about his dealings with global agencies/leaders; The N.Y. Civil Liberties Union has filed suit & launched an investigation on this subject.  

With direct & firm orders from Commissioner Raymond Kelly, the NYPD has been particularly aggressive towards African-American & Latino (mostly youth) civilians… these NYC residents have repeatedly seen their civil rights abused -- the injustice has been both physically AND mentally painful -- The promise of "liberty & pursuit of happiness" is dissipating before their very eyes. 

Sadly, racial profiling has been a common procedure among U.S. police departments since the birth of our nation. In the mid-1990's, newly appointed NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani & Police Comm. Bratton created "Stop & Frisk"... it immediately raised a red flag, causing much controversy throughout the city. This program allows officers to conduct investigations on any person they deem suspicious. It's no secret that the current Mayor Bloomberg & Police Comm. Ray Kelly have intensified the policy. Remarkably, the titans  make no apologies for raising the flame on an already volatile situation… they insist that the program is working & will not back-off. 

Most critics believe that "Stop & Frisk" is unjust... the only thing being committed 'in plain view' are the NYPD's illegal tactics -- Furthermore, civilian onlookers who witness these events are often threatened by officers; they've been forced to stop filming the action, ordered to disperse & have even been arrested on bogus charges. 

In the years following 9/11/01, the NYPD received lots of notoriety & praise, often declared the best police dept. on the planet. But do these fans know all of the facts? In the first half of 2011, the NYC police made 362,150 such arrests constituting a 13.5% increase from the same period one year earlier… 84% of the people stopped were either black or latino… and 90% of those stops did NOT result in any arrest or ticket! 

Under the current administration, "Stop & Frisk" has been implemented to such an egregious level, people around the world have finally taken notice. As a result, concerned citizens have staged countless demonstrations & marches organized to protest this abuse of power yet the practice continues.

So, yes... we believe RAY KELLY's name is synonomous with crime & local terrorism. But he's on the wrong side -- His role thus far hasn't been one of protecting Americans -- he's done just the opposite. He judges people based on class & race. We cannot tolerate this anymore.... certainly not on a more global level.

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