President Obama, Department of Justice and FBI headquarters, Washington Dc: Return Gabrielle Anderson and Wyatt Tittle to safety of mother, Susan Skipp

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Family court is industry of incentivized conflict. Often, children still considered chattel in Connecticut are given to the abusive parent. 80 percent of abusive fathers who victimized their families with domestic and family violence gain custody of the children where they are further abused, at times to support pedophilia. Please read Keith Harmon Snow's article, "Life Sentence" which is a well researched document that shows not only Connecticut's issues, but a long standing and rapidly growing national problem. My case in this article is a real time snap shot- as other cases happened in the article previously, mine was happening at the time. What was said as the pattern of events to befall my children and me in May, did in fact occur in October. Please help get my children home and safe. Please get awareness victimization of children for profit and the abuse by proxy that goes with it.
As of Dec 3, 2012, I have not heard from my kids in 8 weeks. I would get arrested if I were to see if they were ok living with a "self-absorbed narcissist" a "dangerous man" (both testimonies from HIS witnesses!) who is in accelerated rehabilitative probation for a three day high on speed, crashing his car into a taco bell, leaving the scene and switching places with the passenger as police approached him after chase and barricade. Court accepts his claim he makes only $200 per week as a cardio-thoracic surgeon yet has paid over 100k in legal fees, and in July, paid his first wife 92K to avoid jail. (He abused her and their daughter as well.) Please help get my babies away from this abuser who torments them to and controls every aspect of their lives. They are not even allowed to talk to their older siblings. Please help bring them home to safety and end the abuse by proxy that is happening to me. Please help ridding corrupt and immoral practices by the judical authorities that allow this in not just mine, but thousands of victims of domestic and family violence. In my case alone: Hon Lynda Muro, Hon Robert Resha Hon Addleman -all from Connecticut family court. The attorneys involved Rosemary Guiliano and the GAL who was not appointed, agreed to, never even submitted an affidavit at time of trial and refused to produce time sheets, retirement liquidation or jail. The mental health workers complicit in these scams: Howard Krieger PhD, Sidney Horwitz, Phd, Harry Adomakas Phd, Laura Erhardt MSW. Family relations workers, Lori Anton and Chris Haddad. These are all people guitly of allowing pedophilia and child abuse. My former husband picked my children up by their hair, ripped it out of their heads- as my daughter in the video put it: ripped out hair deosn't leave bruises. Notice no one accused me of slander or libel from Keith Harmon Snow's Article: can't it's the truth. This happens to thousands of protective parents. My children were brokered long before I knew what was happening to us. Also, say prayers that they are say and remember the truth.

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