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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives and 2 others

President Obama: Demand the immediate resignation of Bashar al-Assad TODAY

In 1982, 20,000 people were ruthlessly killed under Hafez Assad's rule, and the world remained silent. Bashar Assad is intent on doing the same, and if the world does not speak up, a massacre of peaceful protestors is inevitable.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
I am writing to express my deep concern about the situation in Syria, and to ask for serious measures to be taken against the Syrian regime. The tyrannical regime of Bashar Assad has been killing peaceful demonstrators for more than five months, and today it sent troops to the cities of Dier Ez-Zour and Hama and committed new massacres.

To date, Assad's "security" forces have killed more than 2,000 people, injured more than 10,000, and arrested more than 15, 000. Many Syrians have taken refuge in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. This situation is clear evidence that Bashar Assad is unfit to govern and must leave now.

I therefore respectfully ask that you:

1) Issue a strong condemnation of the ongoing massacres in Syria, specifically the escalation in the past two days in Dier Ez-Zour and Hama.

2) Pressure the UN Security Council to condemn the Syrian regime's action and to refer Assad and others who are complicit in his crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to be tried for crimes against humanity.

3) Lead a coalition of moderate Arab countries like Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, and Turkey and European countries to increase pressure on the Assad regime to stop murdering the Syrian people, and to allow international media and human rights representatives into Syria.