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President Obama: Declare The Midwest a Natural Disaster Area

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Thousands of homes have been damaged due to the recent storms. Gov. Quinn cannot file for Fed. Disaster Funds for a month. That means people in the midwest will have to wait an extensive period of time to receive the aid they need to rebuild their homes, and just return to their lives. 

According to FEMA:

The Stafford Act (§401) requires that: “All requests
for a declaration by the President that a major disaster
exists shall be made by the Governor of the affected
State.” A State also includes the District of Columbia,
Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American
Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern
Mariana Islands. The Marshall Islands and the
Federated States of Micronesia are also eligible to
request a declaration and receive assistance.
The Governor’s request is made through the
regional FEMA/EPR office. State and Federal officials
conduct a preliminary damage assessment (PDA) to
estimate the extent of the disaster and its impact on
individuals and public facilities. This information is
included in the Governor’s request to show that the
disaster is of such severity and magnitude that effective
response is beyond the capabilities of the State and the
local governments and that Federal assistance is
necessary. Normally, the PDA is completed prior to the
submission of the Governor’s request. However, when
an obviously severe or catastrophic event occurs, the
Governor’s request may be submitted prior to the PDA.
Nonetheless, the Governor must still make the request.
As part of the request, the Governor must take
appropriate action under State law and direct execution
of the State’s emergency plan. The Governor shall
furnish information on the nature and amount of State
and local resources that have been or will be
committed to alleviating the results of the disaster,
provide an estimate of the amount and severity of
damage and the impact on the private and public
sector, and provide an estimate of the type and amount
of assistance needed under the Stafford Act. In
addition, the Governor will need to certify that, for the
current disaster, State and local government obligations
and expenditures (of which State commitments must be
a significant proportion) will comply with all
applicable cost-sharing requirements.
Based on the Governor’s request, the President may
declare that a major disaster or emergency exists, thus
activating an array of Federal programs to assist in the
response and recovery effort.

We need President Obama to declare Illinois and the Midwest a Federal Emergency.

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