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President Obama, Congress, Senate U.S government: No gun ban and not 1 new gun law!

U.S constitution and our bill of rights are not to be taken! Governments job is to protect these God given rights! We the people will not obey any new gun laws and will not submit to a gun ban! Our second amendment is our last line of defense against an out of control and tyrannical government! Not for sports or hunting. We the people demand that the government is restrained by the constraints of the U.S constitution! Our rights are slowly being destroyed by President Obama and the congress and the senate. Our country is becoming a police state! We demand with this petition that not one new gun law is passed! Not one gun ban will be obeyed by we the people! Have you no shame? The horrible school murders do not give anyone the right, to attempt to take our God given rights away! We demand this as American citizens with rights that our people have fought and died for and we will not ever give up our guns and we pledge our sacred honor and wealth to the cause of Liberty!

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Bishop Taylor President Obama, Congress, Senate U.S government
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President of the United States
We the people do not and will not obey any gun ban! We are the free citizenry of the United States of America. We will not accept and reject that any government has the power to take our God given rights away! Government must protect these rights of the people!

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