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President Obama & Congress: Immediately make it federal law that all GMOs must be labeled as GMOs.


I want to choose what I eat.

Monsanto does NOT want me to choose what I eat.

Monsanto wants to take away my fundamental right to decide what I put in my body.

If Monsanto is proud of its food, then it should WANT people to know which foods are theirs.

If it's such great food, then people will buy it. Why does Monsanto worry?

Why is Monsanto not proud of its food?

Why is Monsanto scared to let people decide for themselves what to eat?

The "right to label GMOs" should not even be an issue.

OF COURSE labeling GMOs should be the LAW.

The issue should be Monsanto petitioning for the right NOT to label. And of course, they should lose that petition. Because I GET TO KNOW WHAT I'M PUTTING IN MY BODY. Period.

(PS - How pompous of Monstanto to think that it is more intelligent than nature.)

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