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Appoint Bill Clinton US Attorney General

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March 8, 2013
6:50 PM, Eastern US time:
Philadelphia, PA
Bill Clinton is a top scholar, who has expertise at law at both the
State and Federal levels, and proven experience. Not only that,
but together with his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea, he will
show as US Attorney General that there is nothing that is wrong
with America, that cannot be fixed with what is right with America -
if only given a chance!
The legal misfortunes of Bill Clinton - with respect to his
impeachment and subsequent ACQUITTAL - were
entirely due to politics. Take the politics out of the
equation, and there is no pressing of charges against
this goodhearted man. (Actually, he has an even BETTER
heart now, thanks to his relatively recent heart operation in
February of 2010.) Bill Clinton, having had the experience
of himself veering a hair's breadth from becoming a political
prisoner himself, would be just the man to change the entire
failed bureaucratically pedantic tone of this Administration into
a tone living up to its mantra and motto of "hope and change".
There are many other people in America who have been prisoners
of the politics of meanness, and Bill Clinton will, as Attorney
General, be sensitized to their situations and will recognize
these situations immediately for what they really are, instead
of hiding behind a wall of illusion. Then the US Justice Department
which right now seems incapable of glimpsing the truth, and
seems locked in this mindset of regarding the good American
people as "the enemy", will begin to undergo an overhaul which
befits its flawed structure and very corrupt recent past.
Bill Clinton, with the unique expertise of Hillary Rodham Clinton
standing by her man, will also recall his troubles obtaining a
mortgage as he left the White House in 2001, only to gape
into the abysmal maw of homelessness and destitution
(yes, it's TRUE!) Bill Clinton will do what the current occupant
has admitted he cannot and will not do - GO AFTER THE BIG
BANKS which have predatorialized the home ownership status
of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE in the United States, and reduced
millions more to destitution. Bill Clinton has always been a
friend to the average working man and woman, and while he
was President, there was not this widespread devastation
which we have seen and felt since 2001.
Speaking of which, since that fateful and devastating year,
we have had new laws inflicted upon us which are not
necessary for the public good, and which speak only to
the needs of special interests; and which were written
under the guise of public safety - however, these hordes
of new Officers have nothing to do with protecting the
public. They are fit only for being stopped and then removed
from office, in any democratic society - and possibly being
deprogrammed from their current condition of thinking of people
everywhere in America as their enemy. As Attorney General,
Bill Clinton would fearlessly root out corrupt autocratism in the
US Justice Department, as well as in the other autocratic sectors
of the Federal Government, from the TSA to entire other departments
which should be abolished. Bill Clinton was a cost-cutter as
President. As Attorney General, he can be right where the action
should be, when we need him again most.
Why argue with success, when it is available?
Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont PA 19028-0877

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