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Appoint a new US Attorney General NOW.

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Justice in the United States is in a state of collapse.
US Attorney General Eric Holder hasn't done anything to
restore justice. Under the direction of Holder, the US
Justice Department has managed to besmirch President
Obama's legacy with the worst performance of any
President on the issue of pardons and reprieves
(see FREE DON SIEGELMAN! on Facebook, as well
as the data which ProPublica has amassed on the
subject). Whenever people have petitioned the US
Government for justice at any time during the past
four years, Government officials reply with arrant
nonsense, procrastination and a litany of hollow
excuses. Matters which should have been taken
care of long ago become worse, lives are lost,
precious cultural artifacts are destroyed, families
are shattered, and reputations unnecessarily smeared
as the human rights record of the
United States, for the first time in the history of
the world, becomes a matter of international
grave concern. As a result, the credit of the
United States - already undergoing one historic
downgrading during the first term of President
Obama, is set to be taken down yet another notch.
Pet projects of this Attorney General, such as Fast
and Furious, have gone awry; and to top it off, Holder
has snubbed Congress. His definition of "civil rights"
is right up there with bellbottom jeans, LavaLamps
EST and Kohoutek as a relic of the 1970s.
Time to retire Eric Holder and allow the President
to recover the opportunity to broaden his legacy
with a fairer approach to justice - and more importantly
to allow the millions of victims of American injustices and
judicial malpractice and legalistic routinism to be assisted
with emergency disaster relief to get back on their feet and
become productive taxpayers and model citizens, rather
than interminable wards of the State.
Scott Davis, January 16, 2013, 4:05 PM Eastern Time

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