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Clemency for Rondell Freeman

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Rondell Freeman is a 40 year old African American male who is currently incarcerated in the Federal Bureau Of Prison. Rondell Freeman is from the housing projects that used to be known as Cabrini Green on the near north side of Chicago.  He is a husband and father of four children. He was known  for helping the elderly and the less fortunate in his community.  He supported many youth groups and small businesses in his neighborhood until  2007. During this time frame the Federal government compiled numerous false charges against him. While everything that he did may not have been honest, the accusations are beyond any scope of his activities. We believe that he was targeted because of a successful lawsuit against law enforcement. Throughout his incarceration he has been treated poorly. He has been wrongly placed in solitary confinement for months at a time. On any given occasion he may be stripped of his visits and phone calls with no explanation.  He is currently  being stripped of his privilege to use his commissary. We believe that this in house treatment is a result of him appealing his conviction. 

  His original sentence was fifty years and he was later convicted in 2014 after years of fighting this case in Federal Court. He was charged with numerous drug counts and a weapon charge. He was never caught in possession of any illegal drugs and there was no weapon ever recovered.  The government gathered and targeted a group of individuals to be used in a false testimony. The Federal government was so eager to lock this man away for a life sentence that they compromised their integrity, lively hood, and credibility. They knowingly created testimony from an informant that was incarcerated during the time frame in which these allegations were said to occur. This testimony was proven to be false. The prosecutor was ultimately thrown off the case and charged with misconduct.

         Even after all the this. The judge allowed the charges that were related to the false testimony to stand. In  Novemeber 18, 2016 The ruling was made that 924(c) is unconstitutional in United States v. Cardena. This charge is what is now holding him in custody. We are asking that for these reasons and more that Clemency be awarded to him. Please sign my petition to Bring Rondell Freeman home. He is a great asset to his family and community and we are missing him. 

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