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Save Amanda Knox from a Re-Trial

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In 2007, Amanda Knox - an American college student living and studying abroad - were arrested in Italy and charged with the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Despite a weak case from the prosecution, Knox was held in an Italian prison for nearly four years throughout the duration of her trial. In December of 2011, Knox was acquitted and released from prison. She returned home with her family in Seattle in the hopes of moving forward with the rest of her life.

However, news broke this morning that Italian officials are demanding that Knox - who has already been found not guilty - stand trial for murder AGAIN.

In America, once a person has been found 'not guilty' of a crime, it is their constitutional right to never have to stand trial for that crime again.

What is happening to Amanda Knox is unfair and unjust. The prosecution could not create a solidified case when they had the chance - and they should not be able to torture an American citizen with endless re-trials.

This petition is a demand from the American people that our government stand up for the rights of Amanda Knox, denounce the re-trial, and protect this young woman with every political and legal tool at their disposal.

Mr. President, Mr. Attorney General, Members of Congress - I implore you to rise to the occasion, protect Amanda Knox from this retrial, and set a precedent that the United States will not allow its citizens to be treated unjustly by the legal systems of foreign nations.

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