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Stop military funding to Israel. Demand a ceasefire. Support peace talks.

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People are dying. Innocent children and civilians are being killed.

Dear President Obama,
You yourself said a while ago, "The current situation in the Middle East does not allow for procrastination." Please do not procrastinate a moment longer. You also said the urgency will require “hard choices.” We can’t imagine a harder choice than withdrawing military support from Israel but the time has long past come. Do not let children continue to die for political gain. Imagine Malia and Sasha just walking home from school and being stopped and stripped searched only to be torn to pieces by a missile when they get home.

The Israeli government “defense” efforts are only going to ensure ongoing violence and retaliation and more deaths on both sides. While Israel occupies territory belonging to Palestinians and keep unjust control in the area, Palestinians will need to protect themselves and strive to have themselves heard – and many will resort to violence to have their situation be understood. It is time to stop this mad cycle of behavior. If the US and other nations genuinely commit to building peace, not a political peace, but a real absence of war, we could have peace, safety, and true freedom for all. This would include supporting real peace talks that focus on honestly meeting the needs of both Israelis and Palestinians in a way that no one has control over the other.

We ask that you and Congress show a real effort and conviction to up hold the American ideals of freedom by withdrawing military support of Israel immediately. Instead of spending money on weapons, the US government could direct that money into positive places such as food, shelter, rebuilding countries, education, health care, ending human trafficking, etc. If we choose to spend our tax dollars in these ways, we would not need a military budget because we'd have security through real community building initiatives. It is time we have a national civic engagement toward a culture of peace. Withdrawing US funds for military support from Israel would be an incredible start. When we treat people with dignity and respect, when we honor their humanity with policies and practices that ensure safety, security, peace, education, food, shelter and the like, we can let go of violent strategies. The people signing this petition will have your back on this Mr. President. We want a world where all people are treated with dignity and have equal access to resources.

Please sign this petition to show that you support the President to withdraw military funding from Israel and begin real peace talks immediately.

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