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Treat Iranian and Israeli nuclear programs the same

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), has announced that they "remain strongly committed to the passage of the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act." The proposed act seeks to impose new sanctions on Iran, which would presumably annul the agreement negotiated by Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama administration to restrict Iran's uranium enrichment program far below weapons grade and to eliminate existing stocks of partially enriched uranium. President Obama has said that he will veto the legislation if it passes Congress.

We support President Obama and members of Congress who oppose the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act. Those who support the act should pair it with a Nuclear Weapon Free Israel Act, with the same sanctions to be applied to Israel as to Iran if it does not comply equally with the same constraints on its nuclear program. The US must be consistent in its foreign policy and hold all nations to the same standard.

The best solution is a nuclear weapons free Middle East and a nuclear weapons free world.

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