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Petitioning President Obama and his Staff members in the White House

President Obama and his Staff members in the White House: To open an Investigation agaist Medicare and Social Security office

It is necessary that someone under Preident Obama Administration secrteively making seniors mad to defeat him for his second term and make it difficult if won and now Obama has won for the 2nd term but the staffs off medicare and Msdicaid and so on is the same and they get paid either way and the don't care for 99% but he 1 %.Obama please laid off everyone who worked against you now.. Signed by Rashmi Ahya

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President Obama and his Staff members in the White House
I just signed the following petition addressed to: President Obama and his Staff members in the White House.
Rashmi Ahya
To open an Investigation agaist Medicare and Social Security office

It is necessary that someone under Preident Obama Administration secetively making seniors mad to defeat him for his second term.

To president Obama,
Social security had sent me forms telling me how much was my earned Income driving my Ice Cream Truck,say about or under $10000/, and they had his information on their computers.

They had sent me print out information that I even did not know or remember.

I have a banks account in India in Rupees and the exchange rate fluctuates and Indian banks does not provide statements,nor...
I can get anything in writing on papers.
No statement or no on line statements available and these money are not good here in USA and Indian banks refuse to send my money back to USA.

I have not been in India since 2005.City bank India has Frozen my accounts for 7 years,not willing to give my a/c balance or copy of my six checks which I have fear that
someone has screwed up my money.

I was in India for one month as my father was on his death bad,so I sold that condo in MUMBAI,India and deposits those Rupees in City Bank ,Mumbai and City bank had sent
Debit card without my consent and never telling me for many years.
City bank in India sending this Debit card to my Aunt in India and she said never received it.
So I have doubt that FBI has set it up and I don't know if I had any money left in my City bank India account so how can I answer to the Social Security office's questions "How much Money in my Banks? So refuse to answer those question "How much money is in your Bank accounts" I had old them when they had called me on heir recorded line two years ago bu since then I had no correct informations and I am in fear ansering that question as FBI can use it against me in the future as I have been under house arrest without a warrant and I have no criminal records.
And I can not get any money back from India to USA.So i is not good money.
I don't have money to hire a Lawyer and FBI has too many TAX dollars to waste to oppress Minority Americans.
FBI should be on recorded lines.

So if I can go wrong then FBI is officially oppressing me since 1991 and if I entered a wrong figure by mistake,FBI is waiting for that to arrest me since 1991.

I am US Citizen since 1995 and so I have lost my Indian citizenship and America is the only country I have.

I am angry but we will vote for you but offices under your administrations are making seniors mad so our five votes may not help you enough as I don' know what other seniors will do as many are silent until November election.

I used to send about few dollars for your campaign fund but my Social Security had cut our monthly income too much as $1000/per month was not enough and then cutting about $180/
in Total.
I am not happy but it is not bothering me as someone secretively is RACIST against you to get you defeated by these tricks and traps that I request you to order every hole they have created to defeat you to win for the second term.

I have to leave USA against my will and by force as officers are chasing me and female officers are posing me to make another illegal arrest.

I got OCI CARD VISA and willing to leave but FBI and the team of officers under FBI is scaring my house buyers away.So we could not sell our house for last five years.
If we try to hire a Lawyer ,FBI whispers to them as FBI is on our phone lines and Internet without a court order and we have no criminal records.

OUR Race is a criminal records on FBI books.
FBI is Disgraceful to America and that is my opinion and our bitter experience.

You see NO AMERICAN MUSLIMS OR AMERICAN INDIANS are killing American people but only white Americans are doing that and FBI is chasing us for what ??

This is a hate crime by DOJ and this is my opinion and so we want to leave USA for good leaving behind our three children is very very difficult issue but we are forced to leave USA as our life in DANGER SINCE 1995.

If we were no good then why FBI approved to let us have US Citizenship? FBI like bullshit.

We have to sell our house as we need money to Travel and buy place to live in India.FBI had been scaring away our house buyers so we are hold up by FBI.

I been sending complains to DOJ since 1995 and no action but few letters were received.

We all went to FBI Office in Houston in 1995 but we been denied entry to FBI office.

That had convinced me that FBI is a oppressive agency and also very good at solving and catching criminals.
FBI is very intelligent but full of RACIST AGENTS.

Which spoils the image of America......

We been denied Medical treatment and medicines and so my wife lost her lungs and now she is about to loose her Kidneys.She died almost every year since 2008 as she was denied Antibiotics for her infection.FBI is behind it as they whispers to our Doctors o deny Treatment.I have documents o support everything I said.Who is willing to listen?

I have nothing wrong with my eyes but I never could get correct eye glasses for last ten years and so I can no drive on freeway as I can not see exit sign in time.
I remember my exits or if I missed it then I make U turn and make it.
I been under house arrest since 1991 and never knew it until 1995 as officers chasing me and female officers been posing me to trap but they have failed so now female officers are hiding in Men's room of Taco bell where I used to go to eat
to make a falls arrest again.
. I go no more to Taco Bell as my disable wife is waiting on me to come home as she needs my help.Would you agree hat FBI is cruel to us?and many minority Americans?

Our 5 votes is promised votes for you but someone in your offices are secretively harming you to loose.
Please order to investigate .
I hope FBI or Facebook will no delete my post as they have been before.See More

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