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End the felony murder rule

As a prison volunteer I learned about the injustice of the felony murder rule (FMR). It is an outmoded doctrine whereby all parties can be charged with 1st degree murder, often a life sentence, if someone dies during the commission of a felony regardless of whether a person directly or indirectly caused the dealth. The most egregious case of felony murder I ever heard of is that of Ryan J. Holle convicted in 2004 in Florida of first-degree murder for lending his Chevrolet Metro to a friend, who used the car to drive others to a house in order to commit a burglary, during which a murder was committed. Holle is now serving a sentence of life without parole at the Wakulla Correctional Institute. Our most severe punishment should be reserved for individuals actually guilty of the crime. Many juveniles are serving life sentences in this country due to the application of the felony murder rule.

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  • President Obama and governors of 46 states where felony murder rule applies

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