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Petitioning President Obama and Congress and 22 others

President Obama and Congress: Support an immediate path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.


Back of the line is back of the bus. That's how President Obama and the Senate's immigration proposals treat undocumented immigrants. The President and Congress want the 11.5 million undocumented immigrants to "go back of the line" before they can get a green card ans U.S. citizenshipt. If not accelerated the surrent "line" of 4.7 million people could easily take 25 years.

With time for processing even the current Senate proposal will take 15 years for U.S. citizenship for many undocumented immigrants! This is unjust!

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President of the United States
Many people mistakenly believe there has been a line for immigrants to stand in. In fact, undocumented immigrants have been waiting since Dec. 31, 1981 for a line to stand in. The 1986 legalization law required applicants to show they had entered before 1982, and gave them legal residence immediately. Thus undocumented immigrants have waited up to 31 years for a line.

Except for immigrants from the Philippines and Mexico, who have up to a 24 years wait, immigrants from the rest of the world currently have a maximum wait of 12 years in the family visa system. No immigrant "in line" begins to approach the 31 years that undocumented immigrants have waited for a line. Let's not wait another 15 or 25 years! A 46 or 56 wait for an immigrant who entered the U.S. at age 20 in 1982 would provide a pathway to citizenship at age 66 or 76, a token period of life with full rights.
It has been 31 years! If passed, the current Senate proposal will take 15 years for most undocumented immigrants to get U.S. citizenship.

Support an immediate path to citizenship of immigrants who have already worked, studied, and contibuted to our nation for long periods of time.