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President Obama: Address the Keystone XL Pipeline's Impact on Caribou Habitats

For the third time, the U.S. State Department has issued an environmental review of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline, and once again, they got it dead wrong.

If Big Oil gets its way, the Keystone XL pipeline would drive the expansion of tar sands oil in Canada, which is pushing already threatened caribou herds towards extinction as more and more of their dwindling forest habitat is destroyed.

Now, it’s up to us to send a signal to the Obama administration they can’t ignore. The 45 day public comment period has started, and your voice is needed to keep up the fight for caribou and many more wildlife at risk from this catastrophic project.

Speak up for caribou today! Sign our petition urging the Obama administration to address the Keystone XL pipeline's impacts on wildlife, habitat and climate change.

Letter to
Obama Administration
The U.S. State Department's environmental review of the northern segment of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline fails to meaningfully assess this dirty energy project in a manner that accounts for its immense climate and environmental impacts. In particular, the SEIS fails to:

* examine the massive impacts to the boreal forest, its habitat and its wildlife that will result by enabling further tar sands development in Canada;

* account for the full life-cycle carbon pollution impacts of developing, transporting, refining and burning tar sands oil;

* protect sensitive wildlife habitat and natural resources along the pipeline route, in particular the Ogallala Aquifer and Sandhills region;

* adequately address safety concerns, including the increased corrosion and clean-up risks posed by tar sands.

Before any decision is made, a thorough and transparent review of the Keystone XL pipeline is needed to ensure that our communities, wildlife habitat, waterways, and climate are protected.

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