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President Noynoy Aquino: The Filipino People Demand More GREEN public spaces and parks in the Philippines.

PARKS for ALL is an advocacy foundation with a mission to fulfill every Filipino's right to have open, green public  spaces, sidewalks and waterfronts for everyone to enjoy. 

Public spaces uplift the spirit regardless of age, social standing or location, and are vital to the well-being of citizens in a livable city. 

We need to alert the President of the Philippines, Senate, and House of Representatives that the Philippines needs more open GREEN public spaces and parks all over the Philippine archipelago.

If you agree with our cause, please sign this petition and ask others to do so. Our initial aim is to gather at least 100,000 voices who shout with us: " YES to open, green public spaces!"

Love Green. Think Green. Demand Green. 

Thank You.

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