Stop the Criminal Actions of Gbolahan Lawal, Illegitimate King of Oniru

Stop the Criminal Actions of Gbolahan Lawal, Illegitimate King of Oniru

8 July 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dorothy Jamilu

Petition for President Muhammadu Buhari and world leaders to intervene in the illegal installation, criminality and violence of Gbolahan Lawal as king of Oniru kingdom in Lagos, Nigeria.

This Illegitimate king has been forcefully invading, hijacking and grabbing developed and undeveloped lands within the Estate, with the use of thugs and miscreants (bearing charms, machetes, guns and other dangerous weapons). He has constituted himself into a parallel government and has vested himself with the authority to be the investigator, prosecutor, judge and enforcer over our properties by invading and sealing up legally and validly purchased properties without recourse to the protection afforded us by the laws of Lagos State and Nigeria. Legitimate owners are now being harassed, intimidated and beaten up. In the spirit of running a parallel government, the so-called Oba is also abducting persons found on construction sites and illegally detaining them at the palace. This ugly development has brought about a sense of insecurity in a once safe and peaceful community. We are now worried about the safety of our lives, properties and investments as we now find ourselves in a situation where the new Oba has assumed executive, judiciary and legislative functions.

Crimes by Lawal

Misuse of Power and Public Resources:
Converted the public Oniru police station to his personal police station. Since he stepped into the palace, the station operates for his criminal needs and by his instructions

Trespassing, Invasion and Attempted murder:
Sent over 300 thugs to invade and takeover private businesses while beating up employees and guards stationed at those businesses. They additionally arrested and locked up these innocent employees that were doing their jobs of protecting businesses of legitimate owners.

Lawal breached the Lagos State Property Protection Law of 2016. This Law which prohibits forceful entry and illegal occupation of landed properties, violent and fraudulent conducts in relation to landed properties in Lagos State, prescribes severe penalties with various prison terms for different offenses.

Violation of Human Rights and Freedom:
Tear gassed peaceful women residents who protested in front of the Oniru palace on Tuesday July 7th 2020.

Inciting Violence and Attempted Murder:
Instructed thugs to beat up respected princes who paid him a peaceful visit to mediate the horrible derailment in Oniru since he stepped in.

Perjury: Communications and press releases from Lawal and his team have been filled with blatant unfathomable lies.

Request from citizens
Lawal must remove all thugs and armed bandits from Oniru premises immediately
Lawal must remove all illegal signs he put up to illegally covet properties.
Lawal should be arrested and prosecuted without delay.

Lawal is using citizens who are unfortunately aggrieved from decades of poverty and underdevelopment brought on by regressive leaders like himself to covet assets of progressive citizens. He does not seem to understand that you cannot own what you never built, you cannot own what you never invested in, you cannot illegally own what's not yours. You absolutely cannot covet the assets of hardworking citizens based on an illegitimate title. You realistically cannot lead what you never created and do not have the mental capacity to make greater.

What Investors, progressive citizens, the late Oba Oniru and other associates developed in Oniru, very few estates in Nigeria have achieved. Great Men and women invested several decades of perseverance, hard work and dilligence into establishing and growing renowned private businesses and keeping the peace and security in what we know today as Oniru Estate. Lawal assumes he has the power to destroy or covet a massive legacy overnight with an illegitimate title? No title holder has any right on earth whatsoever to covet assets he did not work a second for. There is absolutely, completely, zero justifications whatsoever for Lawal's illegal route to wealth, thuggery, criminality and tyranny. Using thugs, using aggrieved citizens as the face of his criminality in a land where they lived in peace before he was illegitimately installed. Lawal is giving Africans a very bad name with his regressive inability to make income the right way and his inability to go through the courts of law because he knows he has zero justifications whatsoever to covet registered businesses and properties from hard working, law abiding, ethical citizens.

Lawal did all these within only one month of being installed. This is wicked. If Oniru was not a progressive city, he would have gotten away with it. How dare anyone install a criminal as king? God, Buhari, UN, World Leaders help Nigeria now. Nigeria must have a system of checks and balances to make sure this never happens again. No man should have all powers to install an illegitimate criminal king and no king should have all powers to terrorize and attempt to destroy a peaceful district."

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Signatures: 1,099Next Goal: 1,500
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