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Justice for Foreign Trained Doctors in Nigeria

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We are Foreign trained doctors from Nigeria who are facing an act of injustice done to us by the registrar of Medical and dental council of Nigeria Dr.T.A.B Sunusi(bds ibadan) who has been conducting unfair mdcn examination for the foreign trained doctors since the beginning of his tenure in office.

Since the beginning of Dr.Sunusi's tenure in office as the registrar there have been massive failure of the exam by the foreign trained doctors in Nigeria.The first set of doctors he failed was in Lagos where 1/3rd of those doctors passed the exam a record which has never been recorded before his tenure in office.

The latest one was the recent exam conducted in Ilorin,kwara state by University of ilorin teaching hospital where we were trained for good 3months in UITH by attending the regular clinical postings and 2hours or atimes 4hours lectures in a day.

700 doctors were forced to survive in UITH where we adapt to th environment even though the hospital dont have that much facilities to contain us.We were forced to take lectures in a hall made for maximum 100 people everyday due to lack of planning from his side.

Same Dr.Sunusi few days before our exams called us incompetent that we lack clinical skills that most of us are not suppose to become doctors.

We had our exam(Computer based test) of 400 MCQs out of the 400 MCQs,100 questions were picture test whiche we were given 40 mins to complete and 3hours for the remaining 300 MCQs in which 70-80% of the questions were all out of what we were taught in UITH because acccording to them our questions will cover only what we were taught in UITH due to the fact that all of us studied from different countries so there will be variation in books we all studied from.These lectures covered mostly trophical diseases mainly the common ones in Nigeria which we gave our best and attended those honestly(our attendance can speak for u).

During the clinical exams we have five clinical stations each which involve clerking of a patient with difficulty in passing urine,counselling a mother of a sickled cell patient,Cardiovascular examination(precordium examination to be specific),case scenario station of Monkeypox where we have to answer 3 questions there and the last station of partograph.We were given 3minutes for each station.

Our experiences with the examiners during the exams were horrible.There is an examiner who was receiving a call during the exam,another one of them left the station during the exam,the simulators dont respond to our questions because they were told to do so,there is an examiner who was sleeping during the exam the list goes on and on.And these were the examiners brought to judge our competency.

Finally we are not asking for much we just want justice for what was done to us because only 1/3rd of us passed the exam which is 243 doctors out of 700 which is not possible because we all knew what we wrote.Dr.Sunusi's sole mission was not to test us properly but to fail us inorder to proove his point that we are incompetent.

Most of us were licensed doctors from where we studied but we are all back to help our country not because we dont get jobs over there but because we want help our people back here at home.Dr Sunusi called us incompetent to our faces before even testing us which is not right from his part.

Nigeria is now faced with alarming problem in the health system like the doctors fleeing from here to other countries seeking for jobs and other means of living.We are all opportuned to this same luck but here we are back home to help but the system is rejecting us.

Finally,We are requesting you sirs to look deep into this matter and proper investigation should be conducted.



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