Buhari Arrest And Prosecute MACBAN Now

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Genocidal attacks planned by MIYATTI ALLAH CATTLE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (MACBAN) implemented by armed Fulani herdsmen. Dozens of people including women and children have been killed, their farms and property destroyed in the Middle Belt Region of Nigeria. Over a hundred thousand people have fled their homes and are living in seven Internally Displaced People's Camps in Benue State alone, the worst hit state. The leadership of MACBAN claimed responsibility for the several attacks, tagging it "a protest" on the Open Grazing Prohibition And Ranches Establishment Law enacted by the by the Benue State House Of Assembly to provide solution to farmer- herders crisis. Or "reprisal attack" for cattle roastling by criminals. The attacks have since extended to places of worship and other social gathering where scores have been slaughtered in their innocence! Children have been killed in their sleep, pregnant women killed and unborn babies ripped from their womb. Yet NIGERIAN government has done nothing to arrest and prosecute those who claimed responsibility for the several terror attacks. Many have died, many are dying; many shall die hours from now if no action is taken!

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