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#StopFulaniHerdsmenKillings #BoycottBeefNigeria.

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Dear President,

it is time to stop Fulani herdsmen killings. Time to bring everyone perpetuating this devilish agenda to justice.

In the interim, the citizens of this great nation have decided to not sit in silence and watch these atrocities go unchecked, we are also encouraging everyone to boycott beef completely. We decide to stop paying for Fulani's ammunitions. 

Thank you.


There is no point sitting and dying in silence, the government must take decisive actions against the evil agenda and heartless killings.

It is time to let Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria know that the whole nation is now serious about stopping the atrocious genocide being hauled at innocent lives.

The prevalent greatest evil, is no longer the readiness of this aggressive minority to kill, but the unimaginable  refusal of the silent majority, who have power but  have been unwilling to act.

I challenge anyone with a heart and a soul, to take a quick look at any of the videos and gruesome pictures of calculated terrorism unleashed on defenseless innocent lives, being circulated everywhere now, and still sit down unperturbed.

This campaign is two-fold.

  • Let's create global awareness, towards curtailing this menace. For once
  • Let's take the easiest decisive action of boycotting beef (red meat), funny enough, an action that had even been proven over and over again, to be a commonsensical healthy option. This a win-win to get on board.

This underground genocidal agenda has been going on in Nigeria for years. Nigeria being the giant of Africa cannot cannot continue to sit and look at the onslaught and destructive killing being hauled on innocent citizens in the name of provision of "feeding lands" for cows again. It is particularly troubling that the ruling party of the land has been intentionally silent about this. More troubling is the fact that many States in Nigeria are now being forced to make allowance for grazing field, just in the name of providing some form of palliative solutions to this predicament. Till date, the provision of grazing field has done absolutely nothing to quell the atrocious agenda of the herdsmen, and their daily intentional killings of many innocent citizens. In some cases, wiping away a whole community is now common place.

Unfortunately, there is no official figure or numerical data, as to how many (countless) lives have been lost, but this has been conservatively put at hundreds of thousands. It looks like no one is really concerned about the fate of these innocent lives, many of them have suffered more than doubly, and it looks like there is no end in site to their predicaments. Mostly all are innocents; having suffered fatal consequences, and then the refusal of the government to step in and put the menace to an end, more so, the intention to suppress this outrageous behavior of Fulani herdsmen is more troublesome.

Now is the time for everyone to act. The only way to hit people hard, is to intentionally champion a peaceful revolution aimed at their pockets. IT IS TIME FOR EVERYONE MEANINGFUL AND THOUGHTFUL IN NIGERIA TO STOP EATING BEEF, so that for once, the Fulani herdsmen who obviously are willing to kill thousands to save a cattle, can know that we are serious. Let's put our hearts and mouths where our money is. If you must eat protein; Chicken, Turkey, Beans and many other alternatives are actually better choices.

As you read this, sign it, forward it, share it, preach it, email it. Whatever you can do to get the word out. We cannot afford tp stay put on the wrong side of history.
This is our fight, this is our call.

If we can only do this, watch the outcome in just a few weeks.



In 1804 - 1808. Fulanis came in from Guinea to the Northern part of Nigeria, led by Usman Dan fodio .He lead in jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the northern Nigeria. The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms through war. By 1810, Fulanis had already conquered all hausas.

They started herdsmen war believing that they have the chance to control all parts of the country since they are in power and forces.
If GRAZING RESERVE BILL is passed and achieved, It means that Fulanis will have a place mapped out for them in all 36 states of Nigeria.

They will eat into every community like worms and the place given to them can never be taken away from them again since it has been passed.
Their sect will be ready to strike in every state and community with no hiding place for anyone since they have known every corners of our community.
It is then that we will beg them to stop killing us for we are ready to become Muslims in order to live.

This is the only time we have to reject this because tomorrow might be late for us to act.


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