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National Tour Association (NTA) DO NOT PROMOTE THE BULLFIGHT!

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Dear Ms. Inman and NTA:

Tourists have the right to be enlightened about just how CRUEL the barbaric  bullfight is before visiting a country that allows this kind of extreme animal suffering.  Please have all travel agents in your association aware that bulls are weakened for days before the so-called "fight" with laxatives; their horns shaved dull; caustic substances rubbed on forelegs; eyes blurred with petroleum jelly; ears canals deeply stuffed with wet newspaper; a painful cannula inserted into the genitals --- this is all before the picadors savagely stab them and break down their neck ligaments and weaken them from blood loss.

I have spoken to many tourists who attended a bullfight and ended up very shocked and walking out of the arena of horror after wasting their tourist dollars.  They all said the same thing that "they were not warned of the extreme sadistic nature and violence of the bullfight".   Throughout life, even the media with their cartoons and funny commercials have "normalized" the bullfight to most Americans --- but, in reality, it is anything but normal.

The bull is, after all, simply a male cow and does not rank high on the list of 'fighting' animals -- he can barely turn and ranks 89 on a list of 100.  Young boys, girls, women, and old men have fought bulls -- the danger is simply not there as they would have you believe --- hundreds of thousands of bullfights have occurred in the last hundred years and the first matador in Spain was just killed in 40 year old arena after uncountable bullfights.  

The cruelty to the animal is immeasurable --- no "tradition", no "sport", nor "art" can ever justify the mountain of misery and suffering these innocent animals endure!  It is an industry fed by sadistically bent spectators, and the bullfighting union....a money making atrocity!  The bull is in pain and bleeding from the beginning of the "fight", but he must keep charging and running for his life, for sometimes hours -- dehydrated and exhausted, he still has the will to live and go on.

Please have your organization be a shining beam of light for these tormented animals.   TORTURE is never acceptable.   Please promote humane travel and at the very least WARN WARN WARN the public who trust you to create a memorable travel experience for them, that the bullfight is for those who enjoy the sadistic destruction of a magnificent animal.

 Thank you,

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