Boycott South Korean Dog and Cat Meat Cruelty! Boycott Samsung!

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[Call for Action] Appeal to Samsung to Help Stop Dog Meat Cruelty in South Korea.

Samsung is the most powerful company of all the conglomerates in South Korea. When Samsung management talks, the president of Korea listens, but Samsung has shown indifference to helping in the fight to end the practice of dog and cat meat cruelty in their country. It’s time for Samsung to speak up and do their part to bring an end to this illegal and unethical practice of brutalizing and eating man’s best friends. Write to the management of Samsung today as a member of the international community and request that they become a catalyst for positive change by ending the dog meat industry. Click here to take action: Click here for actions you can take to help fight South Korea’s shameful trade: Thank you. Compassion Through Action! Homepage: Petitions: What you can do: Call the South Korean Embassy and Consulate General Offices in your country: Photo:

3 years ago