To: Moon Jae-In - Put barbaric and abusive acts against dogs to a stop now

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South Korea’s Animal Protection Amendment Act of 2007 expressly prohibits some of the cruel methods used by people in the dog meat trade to handle and slaughter dogs. The law, however, is widely ignored, despite being revised with stronger penalties. With no substantive enforcement action to curb the sale of dog meat, it remains available in restaurants throughout the country. The number of registered restaurants featuring bosintang (a traditional dog meat stew) numbered 6,484 in 1998; however, the government has estimated that there are actually well over 20,000 such restaurants, counting those that are unregistered.

Please send letters to the South Korean president and ambassador to the United States urging South Korea to stop killing dogs for human consumption. You can send the letter to the addresses listed below.

His Excellency Cho Yoon-je

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

2450 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20008

TEL: 202-939-5600

FAX: 202-797-0595


President Moon Jae-in

1 Cheong Wa Dae Road

Seoul 110-820

Republic of Korea

Angela Meilleur
3 years ago